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Ny postdoc hos Simon Wall pr. 1. marts 2021

Velkommen til Khalid Siddiqui som vil indgå i gruppen, som arbejder med "ultrafast dynamics of quantum materials."

Picture showing Khalid M. Siddiqui
Khalid M. Siddiqui


Khalid Siddiqui obtained an MChem honours degree in Chemistry from University of Leeds, UK in 2012 before joining Dwayne Miller's group for PhD (obtained in 2017) at the Max Planck Institute (MPSD) in Hamburg, Germany where he focused on the development and application of ultrafast techniques, in particular ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) and transient absorption spectroscopy to probe molecular systems in solids. In December 2018, he joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA as a postdoctoral scholar where he joined a team working on the development of MeV-scale UED for ultrafast studies of quantum materials.

Du vil kunne finde Khalid i kontor 1522-316.