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Ny postdoc hos Simon Wall: Daniel Perez Salinas

Ny postdoc er startet hos Simon Wall 15. marts : Daniel Perez Salinas

Private photo: Daniel P. Salinas
Private photo: Daniel Perez Salinas

I'm a physicist from Valencia, Spain. I did my BSc there, in Universitat de València, and then I moved to Barcelona for an MSc in photonics in a joint program of different institutions (ICFO, UB,UPC,UAB). There I met Simon Wall, and went on to pursue my PhD in his research group at ICFO. I worked on two main topics: 

  • Ultrafast optical studies of transition metal oxides, carried out in our in-house laser lab.
  • X-ray imaging of a phase transition in the ultrafast and nanoscale regimes, done in several large-scale facilities around the world.

Halfway through my PhD, Simon relocated to Aarhus University and I am now joining him again as a postdoc. In my time here I will work on further developing our ultrafast optical techniques and applying them to a broader range of materials. Large-scale X-ray experiments will also be an important part of the work, where we expect to refine our holography and CDI imaging techniques. In AU we are in touch with many researchers with quite different backgrounds, and I look forward to discover what can we learn from them. So, see you around!