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New assistant professor - Artem Volosniev

Artem Volosniev will begin 1 April in Nikolaj Zinners group

Artem Volosniev
Artem Volosniev

Previously Artem was (i) an undergraduate student in Kharkiv (Ukraine); (ii) a PhD student in Aarhus; (iii) a Humboldt fellow at TU Darmstadt (Germany) and (iv) an ISTplus (Marie Curie) postdoctoral fellow at ISTA (Institute of Science and Technology Austria). 

Artem is a theorist interested in a number of few- and many-body quantum models. 

In Denmark, he worked on theoretical few-body problems in low-dimensional systems with a particular focus on a few strongly-interacting cold atoms in a harmonic trap.  In Germany, he learned various computational techniques used in nuclear and many-body physics, and applied them to modern quantum problems, such as for example an impurity in a quantum gas. In Austria, he gained experience in semiconductor physics by researching optoelectronic properties of lead-halide perovskites -- state-of-the-art energy materials. 

In his new role, Artem will continue some of the previous research lines, in particular, those motivated by cold-atom and semiconductor experiments. Besides that, he plans to study modern photonic and superconducting systems that are being developed as a part of the worldwide quest for quantum advantage.