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Mohsen Salimi ny postdoc hos Aurelien Dantan

Mohsen Salimi fra Iran, startede 1. februar som postdoc for en 2-årig periode i Aurelien´s gruppe.

Privat foto: Mohsen Salimi
Privat foto: Mohsen Salimi


"I was a graduate student in the laboratory of Dr. S.M.R. Milani Hosseini, where I fabricated smartphone-based gas sensors for point-of-care and non-invasive diagnosis applications.
Point-of-care testing has been interesting in past decades because of providing low prices and user-friendly analytical tools for measurement, which would be applicable to moving from the laboratory to the point-of-care. POC determination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the ppb level is essential for noninvasive diagnosis applications. Chemical sensors are promising options to monitor VOCs in exhaled breath as disease biomarkers. At my Ph.D. level, I worked on a ZnO nanosheet-based chemiresistor that exhibited a high response to a low concentration (ppb level) of lung cancer-related volatile organic compounds. The fabricated smartphone-based device has the potential for noninvasive diagnosis of lung cancer in the early stage by analyzing biomarkers in exhaled breath. These sensors have great potential for application in Electronic noses and machine learning for diagnostic applications because of their long-time stability.
In 2018, I had the fortune to visit professor Hua-Zhong (Hogan) Yu’s lab at Simon Fraser University in CANADA to learn about smartphone applications for different kinds of determinations. During this period, I even was able to use a smartphone for the optical detection of anthocyanins in fruit beverages.
In my master's degree, I worked on the fabrication of a miniaturized optical flow detector for the online determination of arsenic and nitrite in water samples.
I would like to combine science and technology to design different types of optical and electrochemical detection systems for analytical applications."