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FemtoLab National Symposium

25th 52Lab Symposium with the title: The future of Femtosecond lasers - the next 25 years

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Fredag 11. december 2015,  kl. 10:30 - 17:00



We wish to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of FemtoLab with a small national symposium at Aarhus University. We have invited experts and scientists from all over the country which will try to give an idea of what the coming years could bring within femtosecond research. The event takes place within the framework of the new national infrastructure center for femtosecond technology: LASERLAB.DK.

  •      Everyone interested is welcome, just sign up at info@laserlab.dk
  •      Participation is free of charge
  •      The event will take place the 11th of December from 12.30-17.00
  •      The location is Department of Physics and Astronomy, Building 1525, room 626