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Talk with Stephen W.S. McKeever

Emeritus Regents Professor of Physics from Oklahoma State University, Stephen McKeever will give a talk titled: Some Considerations for Luminescence Radiation Dosimetry Materials

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Torsdag 2. november 2023,  kl. 11:15 - 12:00




Luminescence Dosimetry is a popular and effective method for the detection and measurement the dose of radiation delivered to people or objects. It finds application in personal, environmental, medical, emergency, accidental, archaeological, and security fields. Three measurement schemes are available, namely Thermoluminescence (TL), Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) and Radiophotoluminescence (RPL). Since the developments of the first luminescence dosimetry materials in the 1950s there has been a continuous search for improved materials, especially as the requirements for the performance of such materials have become more stringent in recent times. This is especially so in the field of medicine, where applications of complex radiation field geometries and exotic radiation field types and qualities in radiotherapy and radiodiagnosis have placed multiple challenges on the performance of luminescence dosimetry. The challenges include high local doses, high dose gradients, high dose rates, highly ionizing particle radiation and wide dose ranges.

This talk goes “back to basics” to discuss the design parameters that are necessary for modern luminescence materials to succeed in these applications. The talk emphasizes TL and OSL and suggests “defect engineering” goals that should produce desirable luminescence dosimetry properties. Some examples which are already present in the literature, but potentially overlooked, will be highlighted.

If time permits, some principles relevant to popular RPL dosimeters for applications in these fields will also be presented.