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CSS colloquium: Aydan Turanli, Istanbul Technical University

Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness

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Onsdag 30. maj 2018,  kl. 14:15 - 15:45


Aud D4 (1531-219)

The questions such as “Can we compare artificial intelligence with human intelligence?” or “Can a machine think?” have been discussed in cognitive science for a long time. The most significant question to be asked here is whether human mind can be duplicated. There are at least two important inclinations regarding this issue: strong and weak artificial intelligence views.

Strong artificial intelligence view finds its expression primarily in Alan Turing’s standpoint and the Turing Test Machine. John McCarthy, on the other hand, is another defender of strong artificial intelligence view. This view presupposes that a computer with a right program has conscious awareness, that is to say beliefs, thoughts, and even feelings or emotions.

John Searle, who defends weak artificial intelligence view, on the other hand, asserts that computer with a right program is a simulation of the human mind and it is necessary to help us understand the human mind. However, it cannot be regarded as the duplication of the human mind for the time being.

In this paper, I discuss strong and weak points of these views and present my own view on the issue.   

Key words:  Strong Artificial Intelligence View, Weak Artificial Intelligence View, Functionalism, Logical Behaviorism, John Searle, Paul Churchland, Alan Turing, John McCarthy, Hubert Dreyfus, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Martin Heidegger    


Biography: Currently, Prof. Dr. Aydan TURANLI is in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of Istanbul Technical University. She is also the Director of “Science, Technology and Society” Master’s Degree Program. She is a philosophy professor and has publications on Ludwig Wittgenstein, John Searle, J.L. Austin, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger.

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