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Announcement of Lindhard Screening grant in Physics, Astronomy and Science Studies

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University invites applications for 10-15 grants, each covering a 3 or 6 months preparation period for enrolment in the PhD programme. Applications for 2 week visits are also invited.


The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University invites applications for 10-15 grants, each covering a 3 or 6 months preparation period for enrolment in the PhD programme. Applications for 2 week visits are also invited. The aim of this visiting grant is to increase international recruitment of top-level students in Physics, Astronomy and Science Studies. The successful applicants are expected to follow courses taught in English and engage in research activities that may lead to formulation of a PhD project.

The minimum background education required is a top 5 % Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, Astronomy or Science Studies, or a closely related subject, and students may apply for a Lindhard grant up to two years after obtaining this degree. An alternative, relevant especially for students with considerable experience after the Bachelor degree, is a 2-week visit to the Department to find a thesis adviser and discuss the formulation of a PhD project. The application procedure and the deadlines are the same for such visits as for the Lindhard.

The grant covers travelling expenses and local expenses including housing with DKK 8,000 (roughly equivalent to EUR 1,075) for each month of stay in Aarhus. This amount is sufficient for accommodation and living expenses for one person. Adequate accommodation will be available for the successful applicant.

The grant starts on 16 January 2012, one week before the beginning of the official teaching period in the spring of 2012, and they terminate after evaluation of courses and projects, either 16 April 2012 or 16 July 2012.

At the end of the grant period the student may in competition with other Danish and international applicants apply for enrolment in a 3 or 4 year PhD programme. For top level students, chances are excellent to obtain a fully financed fellowship for the whole period (about DKK 300,000 per year). The Department has a large range of internationally competitive activities, so the PhD education takes place in a scientifically inspiring environment. Information about the research activities and the PhD programme can be found on the Department homepage phys.au.dk/en/.

The application must be submitted online and should include a curriculum vitae, specifics about the background education including a list of grades covering all courses, preferences of fields in theoretical or experimental Physics or in Astronomy, the preferred length of the visit (3 or 6 months or 2 weeks), motivation for the application (max one page) and recommendation letters (max three). Applicants are expected if asked to be available for a Skype interview and successful applicants will be required to submit authenticated copies of certificates.

For more information please contact the programme chair Aksel S. Jensen, Tel: +45 8942 3655, email: asj@phys.au.dk.

Go to the online application here.

Deadline is 15 October 2011.

Background information

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is one of 12 departments at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University. The main objectives of the Department are to carry out research at an international level, to offer research based teaching at Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD levels, and to exchange knowledge with other areas of society.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is the second largest of its kind in Denmark and is characterized both by its wide range of covered academic subjects and by its research at an international level. In several disciplines the Department is conducting international cutting-edge research. The Department has a permanent academic staff of 38 persons and enrolls yearly about 75 students. Courses are taught in all major physics disciplines. The experimental facilities are supported by an advanced infrastructure including mechanical and electronics workshops.

With 35.000 students Aarhus University is the second largest university in Denmark. Aarhus University is ranked second among all Scandinavian universities and 79 worldwide (according to QS World University Rankings 2011 and 167 according to Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2010). Aarhus University has an international focus and makes targeted efforts to attract researchers and students from abroad. Aarhus University has the ECTS label approval.


Jens Lindhard (1922-1997) was professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, and one of the Departments most prominent scientists.