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AMO Seminar - Rasmus B. Linnet: Localizing trapped ions in an intracavity optical lattice

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torsdag 7. november 2013,  kl. 15:15 - 16:00

Title: Localizing trapped ions in an intracavity optical lattice

Speaker: Rasmus Bogh Linnet, IFA

Time and place: Thursday 7/11, 15:15, Phys. Aud.


Traditionally, optical lattices are used to confine ultra-cold neutral atoms in optical-wavelength-scale potentials, while ions have been trapped in electrical potentials of much greater size. In recent experiments we combined both techniques to demonstrate subwavelength localization of trapped ions in an intracavity optical lattice. The interplay between Coulomb-interacting particles and optical potentials provides an interesting setting for quantum simulations with ions and the emulation of cold solid-state models, such as the Frenkel-Kontorova model of friction.

Coffee, tea and cake will be served at 15:05.

Annette Svendsen, Jacob Sherson and Aurelien Dantan