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AMO Seminar - Prof. Henning Schmidt: DESIREE a new electrostatic double ion-storage ring

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Fredag 22. februar 2013,  kl. 10:00 - 11:00



DESIREE a new electrostatic double ion-storage ring

At Stockholm University a double electrostatic ion-storage ring, DESIREE has been constructed and is now in its commissioning phase. Results from storage experiments with 10 keV Cn- (n=1,..4) in one of the two rings are presented and key parameters as vacuum, storage lifetimes and ion currents are presented. Currents up to 200 nA, lifetimes up to 450 s, and pressure in the low 10-13 mbar range are promising values for the prospects of performing the planned merged-beams ion-ion interaction experiments: “Den der venter på noget godt, venter aldrig for længe”.

Henning Schmidt, Stockholms universitet

Coffee/tea and bread rolls will be served from 10:00