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CQOM Seminar - Gerhard Zuern: Controlling correlations in few fermion systems

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Torsdag 24. august 2017,  kl. 14:15 - 15:00



Speaker: GerhardZuern, University of Heidelberg

Title: Controlling correlations in few fermion systems


Properties of many-body quantum systems are determined by the correlations of the individual particles. Our vision is to engineer many-body or mesoscopic quantum systems from basic building blocks where we can control all degrees of freedom inducing the symmetries between the particles.

I will present the method of deterministic preparation and manipulation of few fermions established in our group in the recent years.

By applying a new imaging technique for light fermions we are now able to coincidently measure the momenta of all particles allowing us to infer n-point correlation functions. Using two fermions in a double well potential we demonstrate that we can modify the two-point correlation function by tuning the interaction or the total spin of the system.

Extending these techniques to a large range of trap geometries including trap arrays will enable the realization of many novel mesoscopic quantum systems.

Coffee/tea and cake will be served from 14:00