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AMO Seminar - Claudiu Genes: Collective dynamics in interacting systems of quantum emitters

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Tirsdag 20. september 2016,  kl. 10:15 - 11:00



AMO Seminar

Title: Collective dynamics in interacting systems of quantum emitters

Speaker: Claudiu Genes, Institute for Theoretical Physics (University of Innsbruck) and Max Plank Institute for the Science of Light (Erlangen)


Time evolution in ensembles of quantum emitters (atoms, molecules, ions, Rydberg atoms, quantum dots etc) at low vs. high densities is fundamentally different. As particles get closer together, strong environment-mediated interactions start playing a large role both in the coherent (such as dipole-dipole interactions) as well as in the incoherent evolution (super- /subradiance).

We aim at exploiting the inherent collective dynamics towards a few goals such as: i) to perform more precise frequency measurements in the context of Ramsey interferometry in the presence of dephasing and decay [1,2,4] and  ii) to selectively and efficiently prepare robust multipartite entangled states [3] .


[1] Protected State Enhanced Quantum Metrology with Interacting Two-Level Ensembles, L. Ostermann, H. Ritsch and C. Genes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 123601 (2013).

[2] Protected subspace Ramsey spectroscopy, L. Ostermann, D. Plankensteiner, H. Ritsch, and C. Genes, Phys. Rev. A 90, 053823 (2014)

[3] Selective protected state preparation of coupled dissipative quantum emitters, D. Plankensteiner, L. Ostermann, H. Ritsch, and C. Genes, Sci. Reps 5, 16231 (2015).

[4] Laser noise imposed limitations of ensemble quantum metrology,  D. Plankensteiner, J. Schachenmayer, H. Ritsch, and C. Genes, arxiv:1605.00874 (2016).

Coffee/tea and bread rolls will be served at 10:00