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Abdul Rahman Abid, startede som postdoc i Marcel Mudrichs gruppe den 1. juli 2022

Abdul joined Prof. Marcel Mudrich’s “Cluster-Dynamics-Group” as a Postdoctoral Researcher, funded by the Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship for two years.

Abdul Rahman_Privat foto
Abdul Rahman_Privat foto
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Abdul Rahman Abid, started as postdoc at Institute for Physics and Astronony as of 1st July 2022, on Project 101068805 — Photochem-RS-RP.

During this postdoctoral funding, we will mainly work with the characterization of modern photosensitizers and photoprotectors in free biomolecular complexes with the help of time-resolved and coincidence experiments performed at different large-scale experimental facilities like synchrotron radiation (SR), free-electron lasers (FEL), and high harmonic generation (HHG).

“I am from Islamabad, Pakistan. I did my BE in Pakistan, at National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Then I moved to Europe for an MSc in Physical Chemistry in a joint degree program of different institutions (Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Genoa, Université Paris-Saclay) under the Erasmus Mundus Master SERP-Chem. Then I went back to Pakistan and started as a Lecturer at NUST. After one and a half years, I got a fully funded Marie Curie double doctoral degree program at University of Oulu and Uppsala University. I stayed at MAX IV laboratory as a guest researcher during my doctoral studies and participated in several commissioning activities at FinEstBeAMS and VERITAS beamlines. In 2021, I completed my double doctoral degree program and was appointed as PostDoc Fellow in Daniel Rolles’s group at Kansas State University, US.   

I worked in two main scientific areas:

  • Study the fragmentation dynamics of the gas-phase molecules with coincidence spectroscopy.
  • Study nanoparticles and clusters with photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy.”