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Natural Science Festival - Mie Andersen and Niels Mikkelsen

Mie Andersen and Niels Mikkelsen share their passion for science at Danish schools

Mie speaking to crowd
Niels speaking to crowd

This week Mie Andersen and Niels Mikkelsen visited Danish institutions, sharing their passion for science as a part of the nation-wide Naturvidenskabsfestival (Natural Science Festival) 25-29 September.

The aim of the festival is to strengthen classes in natural science and ensure that all children and youths in Denmark at least once a year will be motivated to explore, understand and change the world with science.

Mie Andersen visited Aarhus Tech giving the talk entitled: "Effective transformation of CO2 by using artificial intelligence"

Niels Mikkelsen visited Aarhus Gymnasium and Nyborg Gymnasium giving the talk entitled: "Astrochemistry – From the computer to outer space"