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Annual Danish National Astronomy Meeting 2015

Danish National Astronomy Meeting, Strand & Badehotel Marienlyst in Helsingør, 12-13 May 2015

The astronomy community in Denmark is diverse, with lots of exciting research happening at several institutions and in a variety of groups and centers. The Annual Meeting brings together astronomers and astrophysicists from across Denmark. It provides a forum for networking where we can explore how to work together and support the community in general, and gives an opportunity to update each other on the latest developments in our fields of research.

This years keynote speaker will be Leonardo Testi, who is the ESO Alma project scientist. He will review the recent results coming from ALMA.

Participants are encouraged to submit an extended abstract, which will include a picture of them and one scientific figure with a caption. The abstracts will be printed in a Conference Book, which should then be able to serve as a ‘Who is who’ in Danish Astronomy. It is possible (recommended!) that researchers submit an abstract, even if they are not coming to the meeting. A summary of the institutions/groups/centers engaged in astronomical research in Denmark will be included.

Participants are also encouraged to bring a poster, and there will be a dedicated shotgun presentation and poster session. The size of the poster should be A0 - 120x85. Please send an e-mail to ida@phys.au.dk by 27 April at the latest and let us know if you bring a poster. 

The meeting will take place in Helsingør, at the Strand & Badehotel Marienlyst, situated next to the kattegat beach in the northern part of the town.


Strand & Badehotel Marienlyst

Ndr. Strandvej 2

DK-3000 Helsingør

WEB: http://www.marienlyst.dk