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Bachelor and Master's projects

In the Quantum Manipulation and Measurement Group we investigate the behavior of ultra-cold atoms both experimentally and theoretically. In addition to this we produce citizen science games to allow ordinary citizens to help us in our research. Finally we produce game-based educational material and test it out in both universities and high schools.

Student projects (bachelor, master, internships, and 5 ECTS projects) are always possible in any of these areas or combinations of those.

Elements can be any combination of:

  • Experimental construction (lasers, electronics, optics)
  • Experimentation on the main experiment
  • Data analysis
  • Theoretical simulation (individual or many-atom dynamics)
  • Analytical derivations
  • Quantum citizen science design and player analysis
  • Design and/or test of educational material

Simply contact Jacob Sherson (sherson@phys.au.dk) and then we can have a discussion about finding a project ideally suited to your interests.

Questions regarding internships can be directed to Carrie Weidner (cweidner@phys.au.dk).