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Studenterkollokvium - Janus Kramer Møller: Beyond proton therapy: Is anti-proton therapy a viable next step in radiation cancer treatment?

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Onsdag 22. april 2020,  kl. 08:15 - 09:00


Zoom (802-780-413)

Here is the production facility of anti-protons at CERN
Here is the production facility of anti-protons at CERN

Supervisor: Søren Pape


What if antiparticles could be used to fight cancer? Would we not see a benefit from the extra energy released through the annihilation process? Could we treat previously untreatable patients this way and if so, which would it be?
This presentation strives to give a concise picture of where anti-proton therapy is and what the prospects and obstacles are for its implementation into clinical cancer treatment. The presentation will look at both the origin of this idea as well as the specifics of what happens when anti-matter is employed in clinical research. The approach will be critical as in the hope that it gives a fair view of the matter, no giving a rosy glimmer to a treatment that so far has had no patients, this with the aim of pinpointing where research is or could be expanded.