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SAC Seminar - Jens Hjorth: Fixing the leaky pipeline (in your own backyard)

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Onsdag 6. maj 2015,  kl. 14:15 - 15:00



In view of the report of the minister's taskforce on more women in research, I'll give an overview of the actual state of the art of women in academia in Denmark. I'll give examples of the leaky pipeline (the fact that the fraction of women tends to decrease at each career step) in almost real time and argue that there is no evidence that the leaky pipeline can fix itself. I'll address the difficult concept of unconscious bias (as opposed to male chauvinism or explicit sexism) as one of the origins of the leak. So, how do we fix it? I don't think there's a quick fix, but I'll describe the hands on approach to gender equity we have taken at DARK.