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CSS colloquium: David Edgerton, King's College London

‘The supremacy of Uruguay’: how a peripherical historiography of science and technology may yet turn the world the right side up

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Onsdag 9. marts 2016,  kl. 14:15 - 15:45


Aud. D4 (1531-219)

In this paper, which draws on my Shock of the Old,  I seek to set out an agenda for a properly global history of the material and of invention of new material forms.   I argue against the notion that we should replicate the study of standard cases for poor, post-colonial or peripheral parts of the world, for that is to further solidify a erroneous account of metropolitan materiality.  Nor is it enough to adopt a strategy of provincializing the material aspects of the poor, post-colonial or peripherical worlds. Instead I suggest that looking at and form these neglected sites, we may find fresh stories to tell, which will transform our global account, not least that of the metropole.