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02.09.2021 | Offentligheden / Pressen, CCQ

New DNRF publication on fundamental research highlights the second quantum revolution

Read the interesting chapter featuring our center

31.08.2021 | CCQ, Medarbejdernyhed

A new CCQ member joins our center

Christian Saugbjerg Lange starts on 1 September as PhD student in Thomas Pohl's group

23.08.2021 | Medarbejdernyhed, CCQ

Welcome to our new CCQ member!

Mogens Dalgaard starts in a postdoc position on 15 August in Klaus Mølmer’s group.

09.07.2021 | Forskning, CCQ, Offentligheden / Pressen

Giant excitons in interaction

Recent articles in Nature Communications co-authored by prof. Thomas Pohl, demonstrates how excited quantum states can be used to control and exploit strong interactions in semiconductors.

K-atoms (red balls) are flipped by a RF-pulse from a state |2> that does not interact with a surrounding Fermi gas (blue) to a state |1> that does. The properties of the interacting state were explored as a function of its concentration.

07.07.2021 | CCQ

Stability and breakdown of Fermi polarons in a strongly interacting Fermi-Bose mixture

In a recent collaboration between Georg M. Bruun and the group of Rudi Grimm (Innsbruck), the effective interaction between Fermi polarons was explored.

22.06.2021 | Forskning, CCQ, Pressenyhed

Charged Polarons and Molecules in a BEC

Recent theoretical paper in Physical Review Letters by CCQ’s Esben Rohan Christensen and Georg M. Bruun, and former CCQ assistant professor Arturo Camacho-Guardian, who answer the question of what happens when you put an ion into a BEC.

15.06.2021 | Forskning, CCQ, Pressenyhed

Observation of a Lee-Huang-Yang Fluid

Recent paper in Physical Review Letters dives into the LHY energy in quantum simulation experiments. Thomas G. Skov, Magnus G. Skou, Nils B. Jørgensen and Jan J. Arlt from Center for Complex Quantum Systems pave the way for the scientific discovery.

28.05.2021 | Konference, CCQ, Ph.d.-studerende

YAO conference 2021

CCQ's young researchers part of the organizing committee

The propagation of light through a chain of atoms can lead to repulsion and correlated quantum states of photon pairs. Illustration: CCQ, AU

22.04.2021 | Forskning, CCQ, Pressenyhed

Photons bounce off

Interesting article in Physical Review Letters by CCQ's Ole Iversen and Thomas Pohl

25.02.2021 | CCQ, Pressenyhed, Forskning

New paper in Nature Physics: "Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics and formation of the Bose polaron"

This exciting research is the result of a fruitful collaboration of three groups in the center.

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