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New PhD Student - Maximilian Baron

In December 2022, Maximilian Baron joined Michael Drewsen’s group at CCQ.

Photo: Maximilian Baron
Photo: Maximilian Baron

He will be working on a new experiment combining ultracold atoms and trapped ions. Here, the ion can be understood as a charged impurity, that shows long range coupling to the surrounding cold atoms. The possibility to probe the ion's state will be exploited to investigate these interactions.

This project is located in the ion trapping group of Prof. Michael Drewsen, in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Jan Arlt, who supports the project with his knowledge in cold atom systems.The ion trap apparatus for barium based on a cryogenically cooled linear Paul trap already exists in the group. During his PhD project, Maximilian will together with PhD student Emil Lenler-Eriksen optimize the ion cooling process with resolved sideband cooling.  At the same time, he will design and build a new, initially separate apparatus for preparing cold fermionic lithium-6 atoms, continuing initial planning work done by former postdoc Henrik Hirzler. 

A warm welcome to Maxmilian!