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CCQ attracts EU grant

Jan Kumlin from the DNRF Center for Complex Quantum Systems has been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship from the European Union.

Jan Kumlin
Jan Kumlin

The project is called "Quantum many-body optics in structured low-dimensional systems" (QuLowD) and will support Jan’s research for two years.

QuLowD will explore the quantum nonlinear optics of structured emitter arrays in two complementary systems: arrays of ultracold atoms in optical lattices and arrays of long-lived excitons in twisted multi-layer structures of quantum materials. The project aims to contribute to the understanding of emergent photon interactions in such novel optical interfaces from the regime of few interacting photons to the many-body physics under strong optical driving. By establishing and exploiting close collaborations between the two research groups of Thomas Pohl and Georg Bruun, QuLowD will combine concepts from quantum optics and atomic physics as well as theoretical solid-state physics to advance the understanding of both of these systems. 

We congratulate Jan for receiving his first research grant and wish him all the best for the planned research.