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The subatomic experimental group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy focuses at the moment on the structure of exotic nuclei and nuclei of astrophysical interest as probed by reaction or decay experiments performed in-house as well as at international laboratories such as the ISOLDE facility at CERN. We work closely with similar groups at CSIC (Madrid) and Chalmers (Göteborg) and our experiments typically involve many other European groups. The research is funded through the NICE centre, through FNU and via an ERC consolidator grant. We also participate in the EU Interreg IV project CATE.

The list of publications indicate the spread of our activities that extend into particle physics and cosmic ray physics. Recently, our work has concentrated on reaction experiments with radioactive beams performed at REX-ISOLDE and at investigations of the unbound excited states in 12C. We have a strong collaboration as well with the local subatomic theory group.

Information on our teaching and outreach activities, including projects for students (also in medical physics), is given separately (in Danish).

Group members

Staff: Hans Fynbo, Jacob G Johansen (medical physics), Karsten Riisager

Students: Andreas Gad, Erik Jensen

Former students:

in academia  Jonas Refsgaard, Niels Buhl, Oliver Kirsebom (thesis), Brian Hansen, Christian Aaen Diget (thesis)

in medical physics Sofie Tilbæk Nielsen, Jacob G Johansen (thesis), Mai L. Schmidt, Heidi Rønde, Mai-Britt Kyed Jørgensen, Birgitte Fuglsang Jensen, Astrid From Frøhlich

in industry etc  Michael Munch, Jesper Halkjær Jensen, Morten Vinter Lund, Gunvor Thinggaard Koldste (thesis), Kasper Lind Laursen, Anne Juhl Sørensen, Lars Fogt Paulsen, Henrik Jeppesen (thesis), Uffe Bergmann, Hans Henrik Knudsen (thesis), John Taysen, Torben Eilskov Leth, Bert Petersen, Per Møller, Leif Johannsen

other Helle B Sørensen, Jan E. Nielsen, Else S. Andersen, Jeppe Kusk, Kristoffer Madsbøll, Lise Mellergaard, Solveig Hyldegaard (thesis), Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen

Former staff: Michael Munch, Oliver Kirsebom, Jacobus Swartz, Alan Howard, Poul Hornshøj, Vera Hansper, Ivan Mukha, P. Gregers Hansen