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  • Library

  • The AMS 14C Dating Laboratory

    The AMS 14C Dating Laboratory performs 14C datings on geological, archaeological, water and atmospheric samples. The normal sample size is 1 mg carbon, but ranges down to 0.1 mg C in special cases.

  • The Thin Film Laboratory

    The Thin Film Laboratory produces thin single crystals of different materials with thickness up to 2000 nm. The standard orientations available are (100), (110) and (111). Any other orientation can be grown upon request. The films are delivered on substrates or selfsupporting on rings.

  • The Institute for Storage Ring Facilities in Aarhus

    The Institute for Storage Ring Facilities in Aarhus (ISA) is a Danish National Facility where research is carried out in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology using accelerators and storage rings. Please go to http://www.isa.au.dk/.
  • Cleanroom

    The clean room facility is situated at Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Århus C.
  • Ole Rømer Observatory

    Many astronomy students at Aarhus University have their first experiences with observational astronomy at the observatory's telescopes, as well as researchers using the fine facilities. The observatory is open to the public from Oktober to April, and each month ithere are approx. 15 presentations. Registration must be made to Steno Museum on Tel. 871 55415. The webpage is in Danish only.
  • Planetary Environment Facilities

    These facilities are accessible to the scientific community for collaborative research and also to Industry, including space agencies (e.g. ESA, NASA). A broad range of research topics are supported including Planetology, Volcanology, Meteorology and the study of Aerosols. These activities are financially supported by several European networks (EU).