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Research centres

  • Aarhus AMS Centre

  • The centre conducts isotope analyses for use in, for example, carbon-14 dating within geology, archaeology, jurisprudence as well as water and air samples.
  • CCQ - Center for Complex Quantum Systems

  • At the center, five research Groups study the quantum states that appear in the interaction between atoms and light. The center is funded by The Danish National Research Foundation.
  • InterCat - Center for Interstellar Catalysis

  • At the center, the chemical and physical conditions of interstellar dust are studied, with a view to gaining an understanding of the starting conditions of life. The center is funded by The Danish National Research Foundation.
  • ISA - Institute for Storage Ring Facilities

  • ISA is a Danish National Facility where research is carried out over a wide range of the natural and life sciences, including fundamental physics, material science, molecular biology and laboratory      astrophysics, using accelerators and storage rings
  • NICE - National Instrument center for CERN Experiments


  • The research group is studying the interaction between photons controlled by quantum effects. The project is a collaboration with University of Southern Denmark in Semper Ardens research project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.
  • SAC - Stellar Astrophysics Centre

  • Ultrafast Dynamics of Quantum Materials

  • The research group exploits the interplay between ultra-short pulses of laser light and solids, especially quantum materials that show high temperature superconductivity. The group's work is funded by, among others, a Young Researcher Fellowship from The Carlsberg Foundation.
  • Laboratory of Quantum Materials and Quantum Measurements (LQ2M2)

    The group exploits various quantum materials (topological insulators, superconductors, ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials etc.) and their heterostructures for manipulation of quantum states of electrons, spins and photons with the aim to uncover novel quantum phenomena applicable for quantum information processing and quantum computation. 

  • Quantum Materials Group

    We are an experimental condensed matter physics group based at the ASTRID2 synchrotron at Aarhus University exploring the vibrant area of quantum materials research to uncover new physics. We grow these materials and investigate their remarkable electronic and structural properties using a powerhouse combination of innovative surface scientific techniques, specifically, ultra-high vacuum variable-temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy (UHV VT-STM) and synchrotron-based angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with nanoscale spatial resolution (nanoARPES).