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Courtesy bicycles

IFA has bicycles that employees can borrow, e.g. for:

meetings around town

pick-up of smaller items


Cyklerne er let tilgængelige og et sundere alternativ til at køre bil, hvor man desuden også skal tænke på parkering.

It is easy

Pick up the key in the key box at the Information desk (the code is available from Heidi or another member of the admin. group) and find the bike and helmet in the bicycle cellar on floor 0.

There is no booking system for the bicycles, so the time from wanting to use a bike and actually riding it is not long. However, we only have two bicycles, so please make sure to return bicycle and key as soon as you no longer need it.

Please also make sure to secure the bike to something with the chain lock when leaving it in public, and put it in the IFA bicycle basement when possible. The code for the clain lock is found with the bike key.