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Atoms confined in a two-dimensional trap form few-body precursors of Cooper pairs leading to superfluidity in the thermodynamic limit. Illustration from the paper.

2020.11.30 | Department of Physics

Few to many – the emergence of a phase transition

In a new paper in Nature, Georg M. Bruun and collaborators from the universities of Heidelberg and Lund has used quantum simulation with cold atoms to explore how a Higgs mode connected to a quantum phase transition from a normal to a superfluid phase emerges particle by particle.

2020.11.19 | Department of Physics

Delphini-1 to become older sister

The new Danish student satellite program has just been announced.

The blue curve shows experimental data in compliance with the standard Heisenberg uncertainty relation. The red curve shows the new results from this paper, breaking the relation. Illustration from the paper.

2020.11.09 | Department of Physics

Violation of Heisenberg’s uncertainty relation.

Experiments by Professor Yanhong Xiao and her research team at Fudan University in Shanghai show position and momentum measurement outcomes with a statistical uncertainty below the limits set by the famous Heisenberg uncertainty relation, Δx⋅Δp≥ℏ/2.


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