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Ulrik I. Uggerhøj, Department Head


Photo: Mads Fredslund Andersen

COVID-19 closes the SONG telescope in Tenerife

2020.04.01The automated SONG telescope in Tenerife does not require on-site staff to conduct the observations of stars, yet the Corona virus has forced the leaders of the SONG project to shut down the observatory for at least two weeks.

Hasse Stræde Hansen in front of the telescope he has developed control software for during his master thesis.
Assembling the spectrograph in Australia. From left: Mads Fredslund Andersen, Frank Grundahl and Hasse Stræde Hansen

The new SONG Spectrograph has arrived in Australia

2020.03.06On the 4th of March 2020 the new SONG spectrograph arrived at the Mt. Kent Observatory in Queensland, Australia. The spectrograph was build in the basement at IFA and will be used to analyse the light from stars collected through two telescopes at the observatory.

New assistant professor - Thomas Tram

2020.02.27Thomas Tram was recently honoured with a Villum Young Investigator grant of DKK 9.5 mio. from the Villum Foundation for the project “Illuminating the Dark Universe”.

Investigation of the fine structure of antihydrogen

2020.02.20Article by Jeffrey Hangst et. al., in Nature 19 February 2020

New postdoc - Ragesh Kumar Thelakkadan Puthiyaveettil

2020.02.18Ragesh Kumar Thelakkadan Puthiyaveettil (Ragesh) joined ion trap group lead by Prof. Michael Drewsen in February 2020.


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