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Works Committee Meeting 23rd November 2020

2020.11.09 | Hanne Bak

Date Mon 23 Nov
Time 10:15 11:15
Location 1525-626


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Finances
    Brief orientation regarding status of the IFA finances
  3. Personel
    Brief orientation regarding the current hiring situation
    Shersons group
  4. Work Environment
    Follow-up on the AU-webinar about work environment culture 17th November 2020, incl. discussion about the sexism debate and work environment culture.

    What can the management do, and what can the individual employee do?

    Where to go, if you experience/see something?

    Are we to have a common coffee lounge at IFA?
  5. Corona-tiredness
    How is the ”temperature” among IFA´s staff?

    Discussion of whether there is something IFA can do, e.g. making people feel comfortable in relation to attendance or in relation to increasing people's motivation and job satisfaction in a corona period
  6. AOB

You can read more about the LSU’s participants and commissions here: https://phys.au.dk/en/profile/committees/

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