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Meet a PhD student at IFA

Monthly contribution from Laura Slumstrup, Center for Interstellar Catalysis

Photo: Laura Slumstrup
Photo: Laura Slumstrup

Where do you come from?

"I come from Ikast in central Jutland."


What was the basis for your choice of study?

"I considered several different natural science studies. The choice fell on physics because I like the very basic questions about why the world is like it is."


Name three things that you appreciate about your studies

"The degree of nerdiness and immersion in complex topics. The social aspect and the traditions surrounding activities such as the Friday bar, cap-parties, etc. The flat hierarchy among students, who are very happy to help each other, and between students and lecturers."


What is the best thing about your studies? And the worst?

"The worst thing about the study is when you feel overwhelmed and/or stressed over a complicated topic or assignment. However, one of the best thing is however when it is still possible to understand these topics. In general, the exciting topics you can immerse yourself in are some of the best things about your studies."


Talk about your research project (BSc/MSc or PhD)

"I am doing a PhD in experimental astrophysics. We work with vacuum chambers in the laboratory towards an understanding of how the molecular building blocks of life, such as fatty acids and DNA bases, can be formed on the particles out between the stars."