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This month's contribution is Jill Miwa

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  • Tell about your path to IFA/AU. Where have you been before?

I'm originally from the interior of British Columbia, Canada. I completed all of my education in Canada. After obtaining my PhD, I moved to Sydney, Australia, for my first postdoctoral researcher position. It was a fantastic life and science adventure! While I was conducting experiments at ASTRID, I heard about an open postdoctoral position at IFA. Craving a new adventure and eager to learn and grow professionally, I joined. I gained a wealth of knowledge during my initial years at IFA and fell in love with the atmosphere. This journey led me to my current role as an associate professor in the department, where I've remained ever since.

  • What does a typical working day look like for you?

You'll usually find me zipping around the department, juggling my time between my lab, office, and the physics and maths auditoriums where I deliver lectures on electrodynamics. My days refuse to be boring, and I genuinely relish that. Engaging in physics conversations with my group is like a rewarding time investment, always leaving me smiling. Although opportunities for hands-on work in my lab have become less frequent these days, I still get a kick out of those times when I can roll up my sleeves and dive into some good old tinkering and experimenting. Those moments? They are all undoubtedly the high points of my day!

  • Tell us about your research. What is the most exciting research result you have achieved?

Without a doubt, the latest and most exciting research achievement has been a seven-year long project in designing and constructing the SGM4 beamline and end station at ASTRID2. This endeavour holds special significance for me as it was a hugely collaborative effort with my colleague, Søren Ulstrup, and took the dedicated efforts of numerous postdoctoral researchers, students, and the IFA and ISA staff to bring this vision to life. The result is a state-of-the-art angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy instrument boasting micron spatial resolution, and it's the only one of its kind in Denmark. Now the real adventure begins, as we enter into the exciting phase of exploring the properties of quantum materials with SGM4!

  • Where is your favorite spot at IFA?

That’s an easy one: my lab!