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Meeting in the Works committee (LSU) at IFA

Info about event


Thursday 14 March 2019,  at 13:15 - 14:15

LSU will meet 14th March from 1.15pm to 2.15pm. The agenda is:

1. Approval of agenda

2. Finances

Orientation regarding status of the IFA finances

3. Personel

Orientation regarding the current hiring situation

4. APV (Workplace evaluation) 2019

Orientation regarding the process

5. Work environment

Orientation regarding lifting equipment

6. AOB

The participants at the meeting are Ulrik Uggerhøj, Hans Otto Uldal Fynbo, Brian Julsgaard, Henrik Juul, John Kapstadt, Ann-Berit Porse Stærkær, Allan Hvidkjær Sørensen and Katrine Vasegaard (Minutes).

You are always welcome to contact one of the above if you have questions for the agenda. Minutes are on the IFA website: http://phys.au.dk/om-instituttet/udvalg/#c274190