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Evacuation drill at IFA and Adm. Centre ST

Info about event


Wednesday 31 October 2018,  at 13:00 - 13:15



Where and when?
Building 1520-1526, 31st October 2018 at 13:00
The drill will take approx. 15 minutes.

It is mandatory for everyone to participate in the drill!

Evacuation rack

In every evacuation area there is a rack containing:

• A yellow vest

• A yellow laminated sheet with instructions for the evacuation leader. The evacuation area is depicted on the reverse.

• An orange vest

• An orange laminated sheet with instructions for the meeting point leader. The meeting points are depicted on the reverse.



Any person can take on the role as evacuation leader or meeting point leader.


The evacuation leader: puts on the yellow vest, follows the yellow instructions and clears the area of people. The surrounding evacuation areas are warned, and at the first available moment, the local management is instructed about the incident.

The meeting point leader: puts on the orange vest, follows the orange instructions, and receives the evacuated people from the area at the designated meeting point outside the buildings.


Close the windows and do not use the lifts when exiting the building!

You should find out where the nearest evacuation rack and meeting point is.

Blocking of access
During the drill, the access to the surrounding buildings will be blocked by observers, in order to keep outsiders from entering the buildings during the drill.

Don’t forget to secure your valuables during the drill. Lock the door to your office or bring your valuables with you to the meeting point.

Don’t forget coats, depending on the weather.