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Do you like quantum mechanics?

Would you like to come to Berlin from 1 to 7 November 2020? Sign up for our challenge. We will send two students from Denmark to "Quantum Future Academy 2020" with all expenses paid - and it might easily be you!

How about spending a week in Berlin doing quantum mechanics?
How about spending a week in Berlin doing quantum mechanics?

Quantum technology concerns both science and the development and marketing of new products. Quantum Future Academy 2020 is one full week with company visits, lectures, workshops and networking - all arranged for you if you are interested in getting your hands into quantum mechanics and its future applications.

You have to apply between 1 July and 28 July. We require you to have a basic knowledge of quantum mechanics on the level of the second half of a bachelor or Masters study in physics, chemistry or engineering, or you may convince us that you are otherwise qualified.


Solve your quantum problem e.g. by visualizing in Spin Drops or Quantum Composer (developed at ScienceAtHome).


All eligible applicants will then have to solve a problem related to quantum mechanics using visualisation tools such as Quantum Composer, SpinDrops or Qiskit.

You can find everything concerning the competition here.

ScienceAtHome at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University is main organizer of the Danish part of the selection process in collaboration with KU, DTU and SDU. 30 countries in all will be sending participants to Quantum Future Academy 2020.

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