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Brian Julsgaard to receive a NOVO Nordisk project grant

A Novo Nordisk project grant of 2 710 011 DKK goes to Brian Julsgaard to further the work at IFA of Understanding Semiconductors for Mid-IR Light Emitting Devices

Brian Julsgaard. Photo: AU
Brian Julsgaard. Photo: AU

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"Understanding Semiconductors for Mid-IR Light Emitting Devices (USMILED)" is also the title of the project application. The project is described in lay terms in the application thus: Semiconductor materials play a key role in many technologies, and the advancement of such technologies depends strongly on our basic understanding of the materials. This project focuses on developing new methods for investigating semiconductor laser materials that operate in the midinfrared region, which is potentially useful for e.g. digital histopathology and environmental gas monitoring. If a short laser pulse excites a laser material, it will emit a glimpse of light.

This project will observe this glimpse and simultaneously measure, very carefully, the level of excitation and the temperature of the material. This enables a fundamental understanding of the light-emission mechanism and efficiency, thus devising a path towards improved materials. The challenge is the long wavelength and very short duration of the glimpse, and picosecond mid-infrared detection schemes as well as ultra-fast-laser-based techniques, employing the material as e.g. its own thermometer, will be developed.