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Article in Nature Physics: Philip Hofmann

[Translate to English:] Lektor Philip Hofmann
[Translate to English:] Forsidedesign v/ David Shand (Nature Physics 6, 345-349, 2010)

Associate Professor Philip Hofmann, The Institute for Storage Ring Facilities in Aarhus (ISA) and The Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center at Aarhus University (iNANO), and colloaborators in Italy and Argentina have on 14 March 2010 published a paper in Nature Physics which shows that strongly bound electrons can hop around on the honeycomb lattice of graphene.

Direct link to the news at science.au.dk.

Direct link to the article in Nature Physics.

About the cover: "The valence and conduction electrons of perfect crystals usually exist in continuous bands of states that extend throughout a crystal’s bulk, whereas those in the innermost shells of its constituent atoms are usually tightly confined to the orbitals of individual atoms. However, angular variations in the photoemission spectra of graphene suggest that its carbon 1s states have an extended band-like character." Cover design by David Shan.