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Teacher and Instructor of the Year

We celebrated the importance of teaching by presenting awards for Teacher of the Year and Instructor of the Year

Instructor of the Year
Instructor of the Year
Teacher of the Year
Teacher of the Year

In order to visualize how important teaching is, and to appreciate the particularly good and committed efforts of our teachers, our department presents an award each year.
Last year the teaching committee asked the students and staff to nominate their choice of a good instructor and a good teacher, receiving many suggestions.

The winners are Albert Freud Abildgaard and Aurelien Dantan.

The two were presented with their trophy awards by Deputy Department Head of Teaching, Hans Fynbo in the Friday Bar, while being celebrated by a full room of students and employees.

Albert and Aurelien received excellent appreciations by the students and staff.
Albert was mentioned as being able to give the warmest welcome to life as a student at the department, while acting as mentor and giving great advice. Aurelien was said to have fantastic teaching methods and his open door policy was much appreciated.

Congratulations both of you!