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Borre, Camilla Clement Dating the Gaia-Enceladus Merger
Christiansen, Mads-Peter Verner Representations for Deep Learning based Atomistic Global Search  
Clausen, Emilie Hindbo Towards photon-recoil spectroscopy of MgH+  
Dalgaard, Mogens Optimizing quantum control of circuit QE systems  
Gad, Andreas From Helium to Carbon and Oxygen
Iversen, Ole Two-Photon Dynamics in Cold Rydberg Gases and One-Dimensional Chains of Three-Level Systems 
Knudstrup, Emil Exoplanets in Space and Time
Lund, Henriette Elisabeth Structural and Electronic Inhomogeneity of Superconducting Nb0.25Bi2Se3  
Olesen, Jonas Lynge Diffusion as a probe of structure: NMR virtual microscopy
Søgaard, Jacob 3D Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry - Characterizing LiF:Mg,Cu,P  
Ahmed, Shaeema Zaman Quantum Optimal Control through Citizen Science
Andreatta, Federico Blue Phosphorene and Single Layer Tantalum Phosphide Compounds: a Preliminary Study
Bisbo, Malthe Kjær Machine Learning Based Atomistic Structure Search
Bækkegaard, Thomas Superconducting Qubit-qutrit systems in quantum computing
Daugbjerg, Thomas Schrøder Radiocarbon Dating of Lime Mortars  
Debnath, Kamanasish

Atomic Ensembles Coupled to an Optical Cavity

Holt, Ann Julie Utne

Electronic structure of a confined 2DEG in Si:P δ-layers

Holmbo, Simon The Origin of Cosmic Explosions
Jaganathan, Rijutha Catalytic activity of functionalised PAHs
Jensen, Jesper Hasseriis Mohr Quantum Optimal Control of Ultracold Atomic Systems
Meldgaard, Søren Ager Machine learning based atomistic optimization
Mortensen, Henrik Lund

Structure Optimization Using Reinforcement Learning

Nielsen, Kristian Knakkergaard Dynamics of impurities in quantum gases
Pantazidis, Georgios

Deuteration of  C60 fullerenes on metallic and carbonaceous surfaces

Ravn, Nikolaj Schrøder Wittig Attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy in molecules
Skou, Magnus

Observation of polaron formation in a Bose-Einstein condensate

Skov, Thomas Guldager

Towards Observation of a Lee-Huang-Yang Fluid

Stokholm, Amalie Louise

Subgiants and Asteroseismology in a Galactic Context

Tang, Zeyuan Structure search with the joint interpretation of mass and infrared spectra  
Volckaert, Klara Ultrafast Dynamics of Bilayer MoS2. The Observation of Layer Pseudospin Interference
Blocher, Philip Daniel Heralded Quantum Control
Christensen, Mikkel Precision investigation of Bose-Einstein condensates and the observation of ground state occupation fluctuations
Hjorth, Maria Storgaard Doppler Tomography: Probing the origin of Hot Jupiters
Justesen, Anders Bo Migration of Planets and Binaries 
Kristensen, Lasse Bjørn Error Correction using Engineered Dissipation
Laustsen, Jens Schultz Single site resolved imaging: Towards a quantum as microscope 
Naserbakh, Sepideh Assembly and optomechanical characterization of suspended membrane arrays
Sandoval, John Dimensional crossover of few-body system
Scherbibin, Mykola Excitation and ionization processes in Helium nanodroplets
Schouder, Constant Photoelectron angular distribution from strong-field ionization of aligned molecules
Simonsen, Frederik D.  Interstellar Superhydrogenation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: An Experimental Study of Molecular Hydrogen Catalysis
Stan, Raluca-Maria Structural characterization of SL-V1+xS2 synthesized on Au(111) substrate
Verteletsky, Katérina Towards the study of energy transport in trapped ion systems: Pulsed cooling of ions in a Paul trap
Barfknecht, Rafael Emilio Static and Dynamical Properties of One-Dimensional Few-Body Models
Christiansen, Jeppe Optical Characterization of Photon Upconversion in Trivalent Lanthanide Ions
Dakin, Jeppe Mosgaard Cosmological Simulations with Neutrinos
Elíasson, Ottó Dual port Faraday imaging for local magnetometry in tweezer arrays
Eriksen, Emil Optical modeling of nanostructures
Jensen, Jesper Halkjær Experimental study of neutron-rich Li isotopes
Jørgensen, Mathias Atomistic structure determination with machine-learning enhanced global optimization
Loft, Niels Jakob Søe Strongly Interacting Quantum Systems in Cold Gases and Superconducting Circuit
Knudsen, Jeppe Langeland Experimental investigation of biochromophores in the gas phase
Midtgaard, Jonatan Melkær Engineering Topological Phases in Mixed-Dimensional Bose-Fermi Mixtures
Mosumgaard, Jakob Rørsted Stellar Models with 3D Atmospheres
Møller, Søren Hanghøj Ultrashort-pulsed laser ablation and amorphization of thin films with applications for marking the plasmonic near field of gold nanoparticles
Rørstad,  Jørgen Johansen Analytic Modeling of Features in Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectrograms
Slumstrup, Ditte Precise Spectral analysis of Red Clump Stars
Sørensen, Christina Kjær Absorption and luminescence spectroscopy of molecular ions in vacuo
Teiwes, Ricky Studies of Molecular Ions relevant for Atmospheric  Processes
Arnold, Fabian Absence of Superconductivity in FeSe/Bi2Se3 near the Two-Dimensional Limit
Glässel, Julian Cryogenic Linear Paul Trap: Towards Quantum State Manipulation of Single Molecular Ions
Greplova, Eliska Past Quantum States: Theory and Applications
Hansen, Kenneth K. Two-Electron Correlation Effects in High Harmonic Generation
Jensen, Pernille Ahlmann Experimental and Observational Studies of Molecular Hydrogen Formation in the Interstellar Medium
Jing, Qingli Monte Carlo wave packet approach to dissociative double ionization of H2 interacting with intense laser pulses
Jørgensen, Anders Vestergaard Building an Optical Centrifuge for Extreme non - resonant Rotational Excitation of Diatomics
Kiilerich, Alexander Holm High sensitivity quantum measurements
Kolsbjerg, Esben Leonhard Aromatic molecular navigation by DFT studies: adsorption and diffusion processes
Kristensen, Mick Althoff   High-precision non-destructive imaging and active stabilisation of ultracold clouds
Lakhotiya, Harish Enhancing solar cell efficiency: an optimization of up-converting materials
Munch, Michael Kulmback A Study of 23 Na and 12C
Ngankeu, Arlette Sohanfo Synthesis of High Quality TaS2 Monolayer Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Shrotriya, Tushar Sanjay Obliquities of solar-like stars in wide binaries and their implications on exoplanets
Sørensen, Jens Jakob Winther Hedeman Quantum Optimal Control Theory and Applications
Ximenez, Bruno 1s-2s transition in antihydrogen
Zhang, Jinglei Past Quantum State Theory for Gaussian States
Aarslev, Magnus Johan Convection in Stellar Atmospheres and its Impact on Oscillation Properties and Stellar Evolution
Andreasen, Daniel Østergaard Stochastic processes in out-of-equilibrium systems in contact with several heat
Christensen, Rasmus Søgaard Polaron Physics
Dehkharghani, Amin Salami Interacting and Mass-Imbalanced Systems in One-Dimensional Traps. Quantum Magnetism - From Few To Many
Dendzik, Maciej Electronic band structure of monolayer WS2 on Au(111)
Fisher, Karin Towards High Resolution Spectroscopy and Control of Molecular Ions
Haahr-Lillevang, Lasse Time-resolved studies of ultrashort-pulse laser excitation of dielectrics
Heck, Robert Creation of 87Rb Bose-Einstein Condensates in Different Trap Configurations
Hove, Dennis Heavily mass imbalanced three-body systems
Jørgensen, Nils Byg Few – Body Physic in Ultra Cold Mixtures of Potassium and Rubidium
Meyer, Steffen Towards State Preparation of Molecular Ions using Quantum Logic
Nair, Bhagya Hybrid cavity optomechanics with nanomembranes
Søndergaard, Anders Aspegren Understanding laser induced alignment and rotation of molecules embedded in helium nanodroplets
Yu, Chuan Strong-Field Ionization of Helium
Andersen, Christian Kraglund Quantum optics in circuit QED
Bækhøj, Jens Egebjerg Electron dynamics: A novel numerical approach and attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy
Christiansen, Lars Laser Induced Alignment of Molecules Inside Superfluid Helium Droplets
Houmøller, Jørgen Photophysical properties of  ∏-conjugated molecular ions and solvent complexes in the gas phase
Jessen-Hansen, Jens Studying Stars in Open Clusters
Johansen, Rasmus Ranch Generation of Few Cycle Mid Infrared Pulses
Lund, Morten Vinther Study of β-delayed particle emission: The cases of 11Be and 20Mg
Michiardi, Matteo Electronic structure of the interface between a 2 dimensional and a 3 dimensional topological insulator: Bi bilayer/Bi2Se3
Mikkelsen, Rune Elgaard Fixed targets: in the lab and in the sky
Müller, Romain Charles Gerhard Franziskus Towards a high-resolution, non-destructive imaging experiment
Odderskov , Io Sandberg Hess Local Variations in the Hubble Constant
Rasmussen, Chris ­Ørum Antihydrogen Spectroscopy
Refsgaard, Jonas Resonances in light nuclei
Skov , Anders Lind The interaction between atomic deuterium and coronene - A thermal desorption study
Svensmark, Jens Strong field ionization of small molecules
Van Eylen, Vincent Discovery and characterisation of exoplanets
Vestergård, Gunver Lystbæk Where does science news come from?
Wistisen, Tobias Nyholm Leptons and photons in strong electromagnetic fields
Yue, Lun Strong Field Dissociation and Ionization of H2+
Andersen, Hans Harhoff Cavity Cooling of Single and Ensembles of Ions
Belotti, Filipe Mass-imbalanced Three-body Systems in Two Dimensions
Gajdacz, Miroslav Non-destructive imaging and feedback with ultra-cold cases
Hansen, Rasmus Sloth Neutrino oscillations in very dense media
Inceoglu, Fadil Solar variability and solar influences on the North Atlantic Climate
Legrand, Olivier A frequency-doubled laser system for experiments with calcium ions. Towards quantum storage of light in ion Coulomb crystals
Lund, Mikkel Nørup Asteroseismology: Rotation and Convection in stars
Lundkvist, Mia Asteroseismology of solar-like stars
Marchukov, Oleksandr Effects of Spin-Orbit Coupling for Trapped Particles
Pedersen, Jakob Knorborg Dipoles in Curved Dimensions
Ulstrup, Søren Electronic Properties of Epitaxial Graphene Structural Design and Many-Body Effects
Wacker, Lars Johann Production of 39K and 41K Bose-Einstein Condensates
Wade, Andrew Christopher James Light-atom interfaces. Coupling of atomic ensembles to the quantized radiation field, and control of field emission patterns



Andersen, Søren Lindholt

Leptons in electromagnetic fields

Baretto, Lucas

Investigating surface transport using micro fourpoint probes

Basse, Tobias

Constraining Dynamical Dark Energy with Structure Formation

Block, Jens Kusk

Density wave instabilities of fermionic dipoles in layered geometries

Christensen, Lauge

Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Aligned Molecules with Free-Electron Laser Pulses and Intense Visible Femtosecond Pulses

Gulliksen, Jacob Steven

Quantum computation with Rydberg atoms A Study using the Monte Carlo Wave-Function Approach

Golubeva, Natalia

Mechanics and thermodynamics of molecular motors

Jiang, Chen

Asteroseismology in Red Giant Stars

Koldste, Gunvor Thinggaard

The Astrophysically Important States of 30S – Studied by the B-delayed two-proton decay of 31Ar

Laursen, Kasper Lind

Study of cluster nuclei using ? and ? particle emission

Linnet, Rasmus Bogh

Towards Quantum storage of light using Ion Coulomb Crystals and Cavity-Quantum-Electrodynamics

Pedersen, Poul Lindholm

Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Lattices

Savolainen, Juha-Matti

Controlling the electric-field distribution from optical fibers by short-pulse-laser nanostructuring

Schultz, Christian

Weak lensing in N-body simulations with neutrinos

Spiewanowski, Maciej Dominik

Theoretical Approach to Selected Phenomena on the Attosecond Time Scale

Volosniev, Artem

Few-body Bound Structures in Bilayers

Winter, Nils

Production and manipulation of ultra-cold quantum gases


Andersen, Kristoffer Kærslund

Radiation Enhancement in Crystalline Fields

Bianchi, Marco

Electronic structure and electron dynamics on the topological insulator Bi2Se3

Dahl, Espen Hvidsten

Impurities in Solar grade multicrystalline silicon wafers made from a metallurgical route

Dupont, Sune V. L.

Infrared Supercontinuum in Soft Glass Fibers

Esberg, Jakob

Strong Field Tridents in Crystals and Colliders

Klærke, Benedikte

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Ions in Gas Phase

Mikkelsen, Kaare Bjarke

Dynamics of Neural Populations in the Resting State: Measurements and Theoretical Predictions

Nielsen, Lisbeth Munksgaard

Circular Dishroism Fingerprints of the Thymine Photodimer

Rahbek, Dennis Bo

Photo-fragmentation and electron-detachment studies on chromophore ions

Sørensen, Peder Klokmose

Three Atom Dynamics near Feshbach Resonances within a Multichannel Zero Range Model

Wædegaard, Kristian Juncher

Ultrashort-pulse laser modification of surfaces: Understanding and controlling the optical properties


Bülow, Thomas Tram

Particle Dark Matter
- Production, Properties and Detection

Etches, Adam

Theoretical modelling of high-order harmonic generation
Ellipticity studies and extension to polar molecules

Gammelmark, Søren

Measuring quantum many-body systems

Handberg, Rasmus

Asteroseismology of Solar-like Stars

Hansen, Anders Kragh

Cold Molecular Ions: Rotational Cooling and State Dependent Reaction Experiments

Herrmann, Rochus

Investigation of Dosimetric and Radiobiological Models for Particle Therapy

Johansen, Jacob Schjötler

Studies of neutron rich Beryllium isotopes using transfer reactions

Larsen, Anne-Louise Gadsbølle

Exploring Superfluidity and Vortices in a Fermi Gas in a 2D Optical Lattice with Harmonic confinement

Lindballe, Thue Bjerring

Three Dimensional Characterization of a Counter-propagating Beams Optical Trap

Philippsen, Bente

Radiocarbon and stable isotopes in freshwater environments
Implications for archaeology and geology

Poulsen, Gregers

Towards Motional Control of Trapped Ions at the Quantm Limit

Sørensen, Ole Søe

Few-boson physics in the cranked harmonic oscillator


Baggesen, Jan Conrad

Laser Assisted Photoelectric Effect from Metal Surfaces

Kirketerp, Maj-Britt Suhr

Photoexcitation of ?-conjugated molecular ions

Kjeldsen, Mads Møgelmose

Opto-electric Properties of Silicon-based Materials with Tin-nanocrystals

Leth, Henriette Astrup

Multiple ionization processes in diatomic molecules exposed to short intense laser pulses. The Monte Carlo wave packet approach

Nielsen, Jens Hedegaard

Alignment and Orientation of Quantum-State-Selected Molecules: Towards Studies in Helium Droplets

Riis, Anna Sejersen

Measuring Neutrino Properties with Beta Decay

Skovbo, Katrine

Analytical Approaches to Non-linear Structure Formation


Andresen, Gorm Bruun

Towards Trapping of Antihydrogen

Brandbyge, Jacob

Non-linear Structure Formation in Cosmology

Brogaard, Karsten Frank

Steps towards detailed tests of Stellar Evolution - Eclipsing Binaries as a fine probe

Byskov-Nielsen Jeppe

Ultra-short-pulse-laser micromachining: Energy coupling mechanisms and time scales

Jarnhus, Philip Roland

Non-gaussianities in Single Field Inflation

Kirsebom, Oliver Sølund

Experimental studies of reactions induced by 3He on targets of 10B, 11B, and 7Li

Lund, Tina

Neutrino Physics from Supernovae

Madsen, Christian Bruun

Molecules in strong laser fields: Alignment and high-order harmonic generation

Martiny, Christian Per Juul

Strong-field ionization of atoms and molecules by few-cycle laser pulses

Nielsen, Anne E.B.

Preparation of non-classical states of light and atoms

Sillassen, Michael Brammer

Nanostructured yttria-stabilized zirconia thin films for fuel cell applications

Thomsen, Heine Dølrath

Taming GeV Photons and Slow Antiparticles


Højbjerre, Klaus

Experiments with Single Cold Molecular Ions

D.-Pirouz, Alireza

A study of the synthesize of well-defined nano-rough morphologies and their interactions with proteins

Thøgersen, Martin

Correlations in Cold Trapped Bose Gases

Holm, Anne I.S.

Physical Investigations of Biomolecules

Bjælde, Ole Eggers

Neutrino Dark Energy

Jensen, Maria Fuglsang

Thermally Induced Defects and the Lifetime of Electronic Surface States

Petersen, Martin Christian

Electronic Defects and Atomic Diffusion in Germanium

Hyldegaard, Solveig

ß-decay studies of 12C using two complimentary methods


Andersen, Henrik Kjær

Quantum gases in optical lattices

Nissen, Henrik Dahl

Observations of spatial and velocity structure in the Orion Molecular Cloud

Hansen, Rune Piil

Four Wave Mixing in Optical Lattices

Pedersen, Line Hjortshøj

Neutral Atom Quantum Computing with Rydberg Blockade

Pedersen, Morten Stejner Sand

Gaps below strange star crusts and deep crustal heating of strange stars

Knudsen, Hans Henrik

Probing light nuclei with ß-decay and reactions

Tordrup, Karl Richard

Quantum Computing with Rare Earth Ion Doped Crystals

Christensen, Bjarke Holl

High-Order Harmonic Generation: Towards Time-Resolved Core-Level Spectroscopy

Herskind, Peter Fønns

Towards cavity quantum electrodynamics with ion Coulomb crystals

Christensen, Mona Christine

Atomic-scale Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of TiO2, Al2O3, and ZnO Surfaces

Kibsgaard, Jakob

Promoter and Support Effects in MoS2-based Hydrotreating Catalysts investigated by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Knudsen, Jan

STM studies of surface alloys and surface oxides as model systems for heterogeneous catalysis

Krüger, Asger Christian

Single-Molecule FRET Microscopy and Application to Telomeric DNA

Xu, Wei

High-resolution UHV-STM Studies of Adsorbates (Atoms/Molecules/Supramole-cular Compunds) on Solid Surfaces

Ejsing, Anne Marie Broeng

The Dependence of the Nanostructure of Magnetron Sputtered Cu-Ag Alloy Films on Composition and Temperature


Møller, Ditte

Qubit state detection in ion-quantum logic using stimulated Raman adiabatic passage

Bertelsen, Jesper Fevre

Atomic Quantum Gases. Experimental and Theoretical Progress

Mouritzen, Anders Sørrig

Quantum State Tomography on Many Particle Systems

Viftrup, Simon

Laser Control of the Orientation, Velocity and Position of Molecules

Matthiesen, Jesper

STM Studies of H2O Adsorption on the Rutile TiO2(110) Surface

Olesen, Georg Herborg

Atom resolved Studies of Metal Oxides by Non Contact AFM

Weigelt, Sigrid

Intromolecular conformational dynamics and organic reactions for adsorbed molecules on Au(111) studied by UHV STM

Jensen, Jesper Skov

Silicon based materials with nanostructures for optical applications

Lorentzen, Martin

A piezoresistive bio chip as a nucleic acid sensor

Hansen, Brian

Diffusion Models in Neuroscience

Kjeldsen, Thomas Kim

Ionization Dynamics of Molecules in Intense Laser Fields

Andresen, Esben Ravn

Nonlinear Vibrational Microscopy Employing Photonic Crystal Fibers

Zinner, Nikolaj Thomas

Weak Interactions for Nuclear Astrophysics. Neutrino Reactions.

Hovgaard, Mads Bruun

The application of biocompatible poly¬mers in nanoparticle drug delivery


Gustafsson, Maiken

Dynamics of Star Forming Regions. The Orion Molecular Cloud

Diget, Christian Aaen

A Corner-Stone of Life. States in the Triple Alpha Continuum

Sherson, Jacob Friis

Creation of distant, deterministic entanglement: experiment and theory

Vivi Petersen

Manipulation of Entanglement and Magnetometry with Entangled Atomic Samples.

Nielsen, Carsten Krogh

All fiber mode locked and all fiber high power polarized fiber laser systems.

Bisgaard, Christer Z.

Molecules in intense laser fields: Alignment and ionization.

Svendsen, Annette

Electron scattering on microsolvated anions

Andersen, Thomas Vestergaard

Pulsed Laser Sources using Optical Fibers

Hemmersam, Anne Gry

A protein adsorption study using quartz crystal microbalance


Olsen, Jesper

Applications and Methodological Studies on Radiocarbon and Stable Isotopes

Nielsen, Iben Bloch

Photophysics of Chromophores

Vogelius, Ivan Storgaard

Laser Cooling of Molecules Assisted by Blackbody-Radiation and Lamps

Vang, Ronnie Thorbjørn

STM studies of fundamental reactions on Ni(111) relevant for catalysis: Influence of steps

Weidinger, Michael

Lya-emission at high redshift

Paulsen, Henrik Nørgaard

Photonic Crystal Fibers: Properties and Applications


Rasmussen, Maria Dall

Density Functional Calculations on TiN and TiO2 surfaces.

Mortensen, Anders

Towards a quantum memory for light based on Ca+ ions

Wesenberg, Janus

Correlated states of atomic ensembles and Quantum computing with doped crystals

Jeppesen, Henrik

Beta decay of the halo nucleus 14Be

Rønnau, Anders

STM studies of the oxygen vacancies on the TiO2 surface: Long-range interactions and mediated diffusion of oxygen vacancies

Vestergaard, Ebbe Kruse

Building and testing a new UHV/HP-STM system


Ole Sørensen

Two-Body Correlations in Bose Condensates

Brian Julsgaard

Experimental Entanglement of Two Macroscopic Atomic Ensembles

Jakob Gottschalck

The adsorption of Sulfur on Au(111)

Thomas Laustsen


Klaus Seiersen

Experimental Studies of Molecular Structure and Dynamics

Peter Arnborg Jensen

STS (Science - Technology - Society) - undervisning i gymnasiet

Peter Staanum

Construction of an Ion Trap for Quantum Optics Experiments with Strongly Confined Ions


Jeppe Vang Lauritsen

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of a Hydrodesulfurization Model Catalyst.

Peter Thostrup

STM studies of model systems relevant to catalysis

Søren Kynde Nielsen

Electrical Properties of Gold Quantum Point Contacts

Nikolaj Zangenberg

Boron diffusion in strained and relaxed Si1-xGex

Uffe Poulsen

Reflection from a Magnetic Mirror and A Squeezed Atom Laser

Chistian Schori

Nonclassical Light and Spin Squeezed Atoms


Vestergaard, Ebbe Kruse

Building and testing a new UHV/HP-STM system

Jensen, Marie Jensby

Molecules studied in storage rings.