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Yearly Work Environment Discussion 8th december 2020

The work environment groups at IFA hold their yearly work environment discussion

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Tuesday 8 December 2020,  at 13:15 - 14:15




  1. Introduction and brief on last year at IFA (Claus Grosen)
  2. Absence due to illness, work-related accidents and psychologist scheme (Katrine Vasegaard)
  3. Status from the work environment groups
    a) Mechanical and Electrical Safety (Claus Grosen)
    b) Chemical safety (Jesper Olsen)
    c) Radiation safety (Niels Hertel)
    d) Laser safety (Michael Drewsen)
    e) Office safety and Psychological work environment (Katrine Vasegaard)
  4. Next year
    a) Introduction of students and new employees (Claus Grosen)
  5. Fixed work environment- /safety day in January? (Katrine Vasegaard)
  6. Evacuation exercise? (Katrine Vasegaard)
  7. AOB.

You can read more about the work environment groups and work environment and safety at IFA here: https://phys.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/work-environment-and-safety