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Viden om - The Mars-simulator Beneath IFA

[Translate to English:] Mars simulatoren i IFA's kælder (© Mars Lab Aarhus)

In the cellar under the Department of Physics and Astronomy lies the world's largest Mars-simulator - a simulator that can reproduce the climate and weather on Mars, especially the wind-borne dust which is the biggest challenge to man-made equipment. Per Nørnberg, Associate Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences at Aarhus University, tells DR's programme "Viden Om" how the simulator can be used to test, for example, space suits and solar panels under Mars-like conditions. In this edition of Viden Om one can also learn about the severe biological, technological and psychological challenges facing a crewed mission to Mars.

The programme can be seen (in Danish) at dr.dk, 23rd February 2010.