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This is how ASTRID2 works

New instructive animation showing the synchrotron radiation facility of the Department has now been published.

2021.01.08 | Ole J. Knudsen

Illustration in 3D of ASTRID2. Source: ISA.

Illustration in 3D of ASTRID2. Source: ISA.

ISA and Coldvision Studio have prepared an animation of our synchrotron radiation facility, ASTRID2. The animation shows electrons at 100 MeV from the microtron pre-accelerator being sent into the ASTRID booster ring. Here the electrons are bunched and accelerated to 580 MeV before injection into ASTRID2 via a transfer beamline. The bunches of electrons are injected into ASTRID2 on top of the already circulating bunches. Towards the end of the animation a, somewhat schematic, beamline selects photons at a given energy (colour). When this electromagnetic radiation hits the sample, photoelectrons are emitted, and the energy of these electrons are used to characterize the surface.

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