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Talk - Morten Andreasen: "Quantum Moves to Subway Surfer – a physicist turned data analysist"

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Tuesday 3 October 2017,  at 15:15 - 16:00



Quantum Moves to Subway Surfer – a physicist turned data analysist


In this talk Morten Andreasen will present his experience of moving from the theoretical physics department of the ScienceAtHome team in which he was performing big-data analysis on the Quantum Moves trajectories to the analytics department at Killoo. 

He will talk about the transition from analyzing the data from thousands of players with the perspective of extracting quantum physical insights to analyzing the behavior of hundreds of millions of players in the blockbuster game Subway Surfers with the purpose of understanding player psychology and ultimately making a larger profit.

The talk will be held at a general level and all students and staff at IFA are welcome to join.


Room 1520-737 Sky Lounge
The talk will begin 15:15 and there will be cake from 15:00.