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Student Colloquium - Jakub Czarkowski: Physics of magnetic memory storage

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Thursday 2 November 2017,  at 14:15 - 15:00

Supervisor: Martin Kristensen

Information storage is imperative in modern technology. In order to compute, simulate and predict we require efficient ways of storing and accessing our data.  It is interesting to see how cleverly physical effects and material properties are harnessed  in order to store information. As the topic of memory storage is extremely broad, we will only consider those technologies that make extensive use of magnetism. Magnetic memory has been around for decades and its efficiency is ever growing. In particular Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) remain predominant in terms of low price and high capacity. In this talk we will try to get an understanding of the physical effects underlying HDDs, including ferromagnetism, hysteresis loop and magnetoresistance. We will also take a peek at some of state of the art magnetic memory technologies that are currently being developed.