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Student Colloquium - Ottó Elíasson: 'Standard cosmology and cosmic horizons'

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Thursday 27 February 2014,  at 14:15 - 15:00


Phys. Aud.

Standard cosmology and cosmic horizons

Ottó Elíasson

Vejleder: Steen Hannested

Torsdag den 27. Februar kl. 14:15
Fysisk Auditorium

Modern cosmology is an attempt to describe the world as a whole, it’s structure and dynamics. We have known since the days of Edwin Hubble that the universe is expanding, so distances between distant observers in the universe constantly increase. The geometry and contents of the universe determine the nature of the expansion, and contribute in different ways to the final picture.
Just before the last millennium it was confirmed, that the rate of expansion is ever increasing—the expansion accelerates. Our accelerating universe will have so-called cosmic horizons. Just like we can’t see past the earthly horizon, there are sections of space which we will never be able to communicate with. More and more distant galaxies are driven out of our present horizon due to the expansion. This will have profound implications for the world view of future observers, who will attempt to build a similar cosmology as our own.