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Student Colloquium - Lia Valdetaro: Wormhole Solutions of the Einstein Equations

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Thursday 22 February 2018,  at 14:15 - 15:00

Supervisor: Dmitri Fedorov

 General Relativity’s predictions, such as black holes and gravitational waves, are solutions to the Einstein Equations under a realistic matter distribution and stress-tensor – yielding the spacetime metric of the geometry. Nevertheless, it is also possible to first consider a spacetime metric and then try and find the matter source that could generate such geometry.

 Some of those non-conventional metrics, however, have peculiar properties: “exotic matter”, meaning that the stress-energy tensor violates the null energy condition, closed timelike curves and traversable wormholes.

 Although not necessarily physically possible, those exotic solutions are used by theoretical physicists to probe the foundations of GR and are very interesting thought experiments.

 Some of these solutions and their "physical" phenomena will be presented, and we will talk (very) briefly about possible observational techniques and the new rising interest in relating Einstein-Rose bridges with EPR entanglement.