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Student Colloquium - Jonas Lynge Olesen: Econophysics – Price Fluctuations

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Thursday 8 March 2018,  at 14:15 - 15:00

Supervisor: Sune Jespersen

Have you been wondering what econophysics is about but never had the time to find out? Of course you have! But fear not; I have done it for you. Don’t miss your chance to attend a 45 min condensed presentation of the subject.

This colloquium will be on econophysics with a narrow focus on the statistics of price fluctuations. We will look into the overall characteristics of the econophysics field and the main historical circumstances which enabled its emergence. Along the way, we will see examples of contributions to economics from famous physicists and discover what distinguishes econophysics from economics and makes it a field of its own. As we shall see, price fluctuations are and have been a major subject within econophysics and our primary goal will be to demonstrate their statistical properties including large fluctuations akin to physical systems near criticality. Of course, this will be by applying the presented results to a modern, trendy example: Bitcoins.