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Student Colloquium - Bogdan Ghiorghiu: Why is the Sun shining?

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Thursday 1 March 2018,  at 14:15 - 15:00

Supervisor: Maximilian Stritzinger

I will present a talk on our own cosy little star and extend the discussion to stars in general.  In doing so, I will address a number of questions that include the following. How massive and how hot is the Sun? What is the color of the Sun? How and when did it form? How and when will it die and when will it become too hot for humanity to survive on Earth? How do stars in general produce their energy and how come they can “burn” for such long periods of time? We will dive into the process of star birth, evolution and death and in doing so will provide a short discourse of the atom, nuclear burning chains and, finally, some philosophical insights.