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Postdoc Søren Ulstrup receives a Sapere Aude grant of DKK 6,2 for research into 2D crystals

In a research project titled 'In operando nanoscale spectromicroscopy of two-dimensional heterostructures' the properties of stacked single atom layered crystal are to be studied

[Translate to English:] Sapere Aude projekternes logo
[Translate to English:] Sapere Aude projekternes logo

Postdoc Søren Ulstrup from the Department of Physics and Astronomy has been granted DKK 6,2 million kroner for his projedt titeled 'In operando nanoscale spectromicroscopy of two-dimensional heterostructures'  

Denmark's Foundation for Free Research (DFF) every year give out grants to young researchers who have show a will and ability to think for themselves - i.e. suggest projects that may or may not become new breakthroughs. This is the idea behind Sapere Aude.

 In alle 6 young researchers from the Faculty of Science and Technology alone will receive one of this years Sapere Aude grants.

The project adresses direct measurements of quantum states in functional one-atom thick layers.


Figur 1: (a) Illustration of a 2D materials stack made of two layers of graphen and with a ”twist” between the individual layers. This twist causes af super grid with superconducting properties. (b) The target for the project is to integrate materials like those in (a) into an electronic component an then measure the quantum states via focused synchrotron radiation while a current passes the material. Illustration: S. Ulstrup

Two dimensional crystals are monolayered atoms. If you pile more of these layers on top of each other and tweak their positions at bit, new and surprising properties, like e.g. super condutction at high temperatures may occur. Our knowledge of the quantum states in two dimensional layers when you swich on the power, sending electric currents through the stuff, is very limited. Modeling the problems theoretical has shown to be very difficult, and relevant experiments have not been available.


Figur 2: Design of beamline and measuring station at ASTRID2 where the project will be based. Ill: ISA

Søren Ulstrup of IFA has developed an instrument at Aarhus University able to focus intense radiation from the particle accelerator ASTRID2 to nanoscale levels and use this radiation to image the quantum states in nanomaterials.

The title of the Sapere Aude project is 'In operando nanoscale spectromicroscopy of two-dimensional heterostructures'. The DKK 6,2 million is to be used for a post doc and a PhD-student, for equipment purchases for the experiments and for travel expenses connected to the experiments and relevant conferences.