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SAC Seminar - Travis Metcalfe: Magnetic Activity Cycles and the Solar-Stellar Connection

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Wednesday 20 March 2013,  at 15:15 - 16:00

Speaker: Travis Metcalfe, Space Science Institute, Boulder, USA

Title: Magnetic Activity Cycles and the Solar-Stellar Connection

Abstract: Observations of magnetic activity cycles in other stars provide a broader context for our understanding of the 11-year sunspot cycle. The discovery of short activity cycles in a few stars, and the recognition of analogous variability in the Sun, suggest that there may be two distinct dynamos operating in different regions of the interior. Consequently, there is a natural link between studies of magnetic activity and seismology, which can characterize some of the internal properties that are relevant to dynamos. I will provide an historical overview of the connection between these two fields and I will discuss how recent observations of the young solar analog epsilon Eridani might teach us something useful about the rotational history of our own Sun.