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CQOM/QUSCOPE Seminar - Steve Campbell: ‘New’ tools in open quantum systems: Collision Models

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Wednesday 2 May 2018,  at 11:15 - 12:00





Steve Campbell, INFN Sezione di Milano & Università degli Studi di Milano


‘New’ tools in open quantum systems: Collision Models



In this talk we will examine the details of collision models, which are versatile tools for modelling open quantum systems. First, we use them to identify the relevant system-environment correlations that lead to a non-Markovian evolution. Using this information equivalent expressions of the dynamics can be formulated with regards to these "relevant" correlations and we will introduce the notion of memory depth where these correlations are established between the system and a suitably sized memory rendering the overall system+memory evolution Markovian. Furthermore, we will extend the framework to assess the thermodynamic aspects of non-Markovian open quantum systems and show some other exciting applications of these tools.