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QUSCOPE Seminar - Felix Motzoi: Optimized remote entanglement and stabilization with circuit QED

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Monday 16 November 2015,  at 10:00 - 11:00




Speaker: Felix Motzoi,  University of California, Berkeley and Saarland University, Germany.

Titel: Optimized remote entanglement and stabilization with circuit QED


I discuss different resources for generating long-distance entanglement between superconducting qubits using circuit-QED.  We start with non-local quantum trajectories of a common dispersive parity measurement between remote transmons for which entanglement can be built up stochastically.  Then, by including feedback control conditioned on undesired measurements outcomes, the objective state can be reached deterministically.  To reach the desired state and remain stabilized in that state in the presence of decoherence, all other states must be rotated non-trivially.  We show how to do this by making the target state be the only fixed point of both coherent and dissipative dynamics. Finally, it is shown that conditioned feedback can be replaced by "spooky" environmental backaction when the joint measurement is destructive. 

Klaus Mølmer

Coffee, tea a rolls will be served from 10:00.